January 2024 Newsletter

Investors take out $9.72bn of loans | Property prices hit record levels | Approvals rise 19.2%

December 2023 Newsletter

Here are some interesting stories about home loans, interest rates and property investing to round out 2023:

November 2023 Newsletter

Borrowing rises 9.5% | Share of fixed loans keeps falling | Property market update

October 2023 Newsletter

Refinancing jumps 12.4% YoY | What's happening with interest rates? | How govt is helping new buyers

September 2023 Newsletter

Isn’t it great to see the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer? Here are four stories making headlines in the early days of spring:

August 2023 Newsletter

Great to be with you for another month! Here are four home loans and property stories that are making news right now:

July 2023 Newsletter

As we reach the end of July, it’s time to reflect on the biggest news of the month. Here are four finance, property and tax stories that really stood out:

June 2023 Newsletter

There’s been an enormous amount of finance, property and tax news since my last newsletter. Here are four of the biggest stories right now: