Mortgage Brokering for Home Loans & Investment Properties

Mellick Wealth Management’s mortgage brokering support and financial solutions help families build wealth that lasts for generations.

Your Mortgage Broker Making Wealth Building Easy

As mortgage brokers, our team brings professional support to help clients find the right lender and loan type that best meets their needs. We compare loans and act as a go-between for a particular lender or banks and our clients.

We know that with so many different lenders, loan options, and the time-consuming nature of researching them, it can be challenging to know what is best for your financial situation. As a mortgage brokering company, it’s our mission to enrich your experience with the right level of service, expertise and building on our long-term relationships with our panel of lenders.

The focus of each mortgage broker in our team is to build long term relationships with our clients, so we can meet your financial needs today, tomorrow and into the future.

Property Finance& Home Loans

With the number of home loans and different lenders within the property finance market, there can be difficulty in knowing what choice is most appropriate. As professional mortgage brokers with a wealth of experience in the industry, we understand the home loan process inside-out, as well as what is required when a home loan settles, the associated loan application fee, and everything in between.

Our mortgage broking services include the following:

Basic home loan

This loan usually includes a lower interest rate, low fees, and other minimal features. It’s ideal for clients who aren’t looking for a complex loan application.

Variable loan

Most financial lenders offer variable interest rates, which provides clients flexibility. Borrowers can make extra payments and combine them with a fixed rate for a balanced loan.

Line of credit

This is also a flexible option for applicants, but generally attracts a higher interest rate. It works like a revolving facility, allowing the borrower to use it as needed, which makes it popular for investors, wealth creation programs, and home renovators.

Home equity loans

A home equity home loan allows you to borrow against your home’s equity and is used instead of a cash deposit. It’s a popular choice for investors.

Fixed rate

A fixed option provides a locked rate for a specific time. It offers security when home loan rates fluctuate and provides clients with stability if you have employment or family constraints.

Self-ManagedSuper Funds

We want to ensure we meet your best interests when you seek our expertise with a self-managed super fund (SMSF). While you are responsible for your SMSF, partnering with a good mortgage broker helps you secure the right loan for your investment and can guide you through the mortgage application process.

Commercial Property Loans

A commercial property loan operates differently from a standard property finance mortgage. Our brokers will discuss what type of property you’re buying, your financial needs and can advise you on the right mortgage choice.

Pre-Approved Loan

In some circumstances, a mortgage broker can work with a credit provider to help you secure pre-approval for a specific amount of money before finding the right property. After we discuss your options, we will work with you to put together an application to submit to the relevant lenders. 

A pre-approved loan can vary from three months to six months, subject to the lender.

Our Major Lenders

A Mortgage BrokerWith A Difference

Using a mortgage broker with an Australian credit licence and an unwavering client commitment means receiving ongoing support, quality advice, and a home loan to meet your needs.

At Mellick Wealth Management, the lenders pay our fees, ensuring we can deliver on key areas of focus.

A Diverse Community Of Mortgage Brokers

Our mortgage brokers are the gateway between key decision-makers and you, our client. Mellick Wealth brokers are a community of professionals who work for borrowers to find the right home loan best suited to each client’s needs from their panel of lenders.

By choosing Mellick Wealth Management, you will receive trusted, expert advice from specialists dealing directly with a curated network where your loan works to benefit you and your family.

Let our brokers work towards securing your family’s future through proactive wealth creation & securing the right home loan. Call our team or book an appointment with one of our mortgage brokers by leaving your contact details today.

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