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We provide buyers agency services throughout Australia specialising in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane markets. We make the purchasing process simple and stress-free for time-poor home hunters, first-home buyers, and investors.

Leading Buyer’s Agentfor Purchasing Residential & Investment Property

If you want to buy a home you love with as little trouble as possible, a good buyer’s agent will work on your behalf and use their skills for a successful purchase. We differ from a real estate agent in that we work for the buyer, making the journey easier with the right knowledge and expertise.

From the initial meeting, you will see how the buyer’s agent team at Mellick Wealth Management have their client’s best interests at the forefront of our services, along with the following:

1. Saving you time

Our buyer’s agents do the time-consuming work of weeding out any properties that won’t work, going to open houses, researching the area, speaking with local agents and negotiating on the purchase price. Most buyers don’t have the time to thoroughly research a property, which is why buyer’s agents are becoming more popular in Australia.

The team’s knowledge of what is deemed a suitable property for each client is based on the information gathered from the first meeting and ongoing communication. This means you no longer spend weekends searching for suitable investment properties, new homes or businesses.

2. Early access

Because we have established relationships with professional networks that give us access to potential off-market properties or those yet to be advertised, it creates a greater opportunity to find the right home at the right price. It gives us the opportunity to seek other potential places to purchase in the property market that the wider public has yet to view or even discover.

With early access to property opportunities through our agents, we allow you to negotiate a purchase price before other motivated buyers get in on the action. And we do so at the right price for your capital growth.

3. Experience & local knowledge

When you’re looking at buying real estate, either to live in yourself or as an investment property, having a team behind you that has local knowledge, negotiation and auction bidding skills puts you leagues ahead of other buyers.

The knowledge and extensive experience of our team help you avoid common mistakes such as overbidding at an auction and help you pay a great price to get the best deal possible.

4. Acute negotiation skills to deliver positive results

Our agents help you make an informed decision whilst carrying out extensive due diligence. Negotiating property is a skill that not everyone has. When we work on your behalf, we use our experience and the fact that we are not emotionally attached to the property to negotiate best-in-market outcomes for you.

Who Uses BuyersAgency Services

A property buyer’s agent isn’t limited to specific groups of people, they are available to anyone. However, we find our services exceptionally useful for:

  • Interstate buyers
  • Luxury property buyers
  • High-end & overseas investors
  • Commercial property investors
  • First home buyers & investors
  • Clients looking at building a long-term investment portfolio.

If you fall into one of these categories, we’re here to help you excel in your journey, or to help you kick-start it.

Our Process

When you choose a Mellick Wealth Management buyer’s agent, you can expect quality, client-focused services. We deliver a well-rounded strategy to help our clients stay ahead as home buyers and remain by your side throughout the entire process.

Our Process

When you choose a Mellick Wealth Management buyer’s agent, you can expect quality, client-focused services. We deliver a well-rounded strategy to help our clients stay ahead as home buyers and remain by your side throughout the entire process.

Our strategy includes

We consult

We search

We buy

Our strategy includes the following:

Our consultation process goes through a detailed session where we learn about what you’re looking for in your dream home. As a buyer’s advocate, we want to buy a property at the best possible price to meet your property goals. Whether a residential property or commercial, our buyer’s agent brings experience in the field that can help save you money.

Through our network and other real estate agents, we help buyers find the best homes – homes that aren’t on the market, and even investment opportunities. We present you with properties and commercial buildings that have the right potential for your needs and arrange private inspections where there are no crowds or time limits.

As your personal advocate, the Mellick Wealth Management team will make the process easier for you to avoid stress during the buying process. We work with real estate agents to ensure we’re getting our home buyers the best price and are moving towards a smooth settlement process. We work until we see the keys safely in your hands.

Let Us Find & Secure Your Next Property

If you’re looking to potentially save money when buying property, the Mellick Wealth Management buyer’s agency team has solid foundations that help clients save time and feel at ease throughout the whole process. Property buyers can expect a team of professionals who know the local and interstate market – especially Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – and what is expected out of this journey.

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