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Providing mortgage broking services throughout Australia and abroad. Located in Maroubra NSW, we assist clients with clear options and strategies regarding their finance options.

Personalised and Diversified Financial Solutions

When you choose Mellick Wealth Management services, you’re able to talk to real people who explain every detail in simple language. We also want to see you succeed from your very first appointment.

With a team of passionate professionals behind our brand, we work tirelessly to find you suitable loans, advocates, and advice to save you hard-earned money along the way.

Mellick Wealth Management specialises in cutting-edge mortgage brokerage, real estate, and financial solutions for first-time buyers, and those who have bought property before, including investors. Our clients always receive top-notch, reliable advice to help them improve their personal and business finances.

As an experienced team, our core values include transparency, integrity, and trust to build fruitful relationships with our clients and wider network.

Real Estate

Looking for support and assistance with investing in property, auctions, property management, or selling your home? We are your biggest advocates and want you to achieve the best results regardless of your real estate needs. Turning opportunities into action is what we do best.

Through a strong community network, our professional team can:
  • Help you with property transactions
  • Maximise your rental returns
  • Help sell or buy your most significant assets
  • And so much more.

The Mellick Wealth Management consultants will give you the right advice relevant to the current financial and real estate forecast, anticipating growth and establishing sound portfolios.

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Mortgage Brokering

Our licensed mortgage brokers have an extensive catalogue of lenders ready to offer you one of their best loans available. As professionals in financial services.

We have the expertise to help you successfully find the best opportunity by:
  • Assessing your borrowing capacity
  • Researching the right loan packages
  • Providing clients with impartial advice
  • Facilitation and management of the loan application through to settlement.

We are an independent group of specialist brokers with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with fees, rates, features, and terms.

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Buyers' Agency Services

We assist NSW real estate buyers with the tools and skills to secure their dream property. Our first priority is helping our clients achieve their goals, which is why we plan strategies that enable us to deliver efficient and focused services.

Our mission is to help you create diverse, growth-orientated opportunities, and we achieve this by using our expanding network and vast experience in:
  • Real Estate sales and Auctions
  • Research the right property acquisition type
  • Knowledge of emerging capital growth markets
  • Acute Negotiation for Property Terms and Price
  • Accurate Market Awareness and Value

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Buying & Selling

Our team can help when buying or selling your property. Some of the biggest challenges are choosing the right real estate agent with your best interests in mind. Our team can help you meet the goals you're working towards by using a range of resources within our networks.

We can proactively direct you towards success in the market by:
  • Choosing the right agent
  • Helping get your marketing campaign underway
  • Supporting you in selecting an appropriate selling method.

To point you in the right direction, we start with strategy and organisation, confident in our ability to alleviate the difficulties associated with the real estate market, including the sale or purchase of a house.

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Property Management

Mellick Wealth Management understands how vital investment properties are as assets, and our local partnerships and associates across wider Brisbane and Melbourne are here to support you. Our team has well-developed relationships with real estate agents known for their professional and successful.

Approach to our tenant management, helping you to:
  • Maximise rental returns
  • Obtain the right tenants
  • Regular inspections
  • Obtain appropriate insurance

We are confident you will get the best service and return out of your property with the most advantageous team on your side.

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We value our clients and want to help them create an integrated approach to Wealth Management through the opportunities available and provide long-term wealth creation options through our Mortgage Broking, Property and Wealth Creation platform.

When you choose Mellick Wealth Management, you will find the hard work is already done, so you can make the most of our services and get value from trusted expert advice. Let us guide you and your family’s future generations towards proactive wealth creation.

There's no better time to start than now, so look through our services and find out how our team can help you get the results you've always wanted. For more information, get in touch with our team.

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