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Professional Advice for Buying and Selling Property

We offer clients independent financial advice for buying and selling property, advocating for the best possible outcome for your financial situation.

Meet Your Buying and Selling Property Goals With Mellick Wealth

Mellick Wealth Management not only provides clients with information on various home loans, but given our intimate understanding of the Australian property market, we can also help you receive the most out of your investment and growth.

We help our clients achieve better outcomes with their property sales or when buying a new property, thanks to personalised and diverse services designed to improve the experience. We also understand many of our clients are time-poor, which is why we have efficient measures in place to make the right decisions for better financial outcomes.

The Right Real Estate Agent for The Right Property

When selling a property, the process can be time-consuming, frustrating and daunting, given that this is not done every day of the week. A real estate agent will do their best to get you top dollar, however they also need to be trusted.

Mark Mellick, Founder of Mellick Wealth Management, has separate property businesses in Brisbane and Melbourne that cater for selling, buying and property management. We have all of this covered with professionals that we trust and have known for a long period of time.

Mark grew up in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. As a licensed real estate agent, his expertise in this field and relationships with his peers is second to none. Mark has a sales arm, property management arm and a project marketing arm to the business. He manages and handles the whole process from start to finish, whether you are selling, buying or looking at the management of a property.

If a property is outside our area of expertise, we will team up with trusted and professional agents to assist with the sale and we will manage the process on your behalf having your best interests at heart. This will still mean that you will get the best possible service with Mellick Wealth overseeing the entire transaction.

The sales process is more straightforward when you know your agent is working towards either finding you a perfect house, or actively seeking potential buyers for the sale of your existing home.

Marketing Campaigns For Residential Property

Alleviating the difficulty of buying or selling a property is what we do best, and it’s not only to ensure you have access to enough money to meet a mortgage, pre-approval, or bridging loan. We also ensure you have the best marketing campaign possible so interested buyers know everything they need about the land and home.

We use a tailored structure and strategy to get the best results for our client’s properties, which may vary depending on the property type and individual needs.

Auction Vs Sale

Another aspect of our role is to assist clients with choosing the best method to sell their homes. For some, it makes sense to choose an auction as the house is statistically more likely to sell. Others may prefer a choice of sale rather than auction.

Our extensive knowledge in the industry enables our team to guide you through the process towards an informed and well-considered decision.

Championing FirstHome Buyers

Selling and buying residential property can be like stepping into the unknown, especially for the first time. But you can make yourself ready with the guidance of the Mellick Wealth Management team.

Whether you are buying or selling a new home for the first time, from initial discussions to signing the contract on settlement day, we can walk step-by-step with you. We champion those new to the process so they can understand the current property market and the potential for long-term wealth growth and management.

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There’s no better way to buy or sell a home than when all the information is provided to you in advance, ensuring your sale or purchase is as seamless as possible. For more information, contact us today.

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