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We help Australians maximise their investment property’s potential by accessing effective property management services.

Never Compromise Rental Property

There’s no compromise when it comes to the day-to-day and repetitive tasks that come with managing investment properties and being a landlord. Mellick Wealth Management understands how big of a financial decision it is to choose to grow wealth through property, and the security of knowing you have the right property management services on your side is paramount to securing the perfect tenant.

One of the reasons we want to make certain rental property owners have holistic property management services behind them is so they can get the most out of their investment property. We advise people who own rental properties to hire an experienced property manager who will take care of their entire portfolio, allowing them to:

  • Access maximum return on rent
  • Enjoy successful tenant selection
  • Undertake regular inspections
  • Handle property maintenance issues
  • Use trusted tradespeople for repairs.

Benefits of Having an Expert Property

Our team has seen how important it is to choose property management services where the experts’ local knowledge and long experience in property tenancy help speed up portfolio success. By choosing our supportive team to stand by your side, you can enjoy great benefits such as:

Greater Potential For Quality Tenants

What do quality prospective tenants look like for your investment? With proper screening, reference checks, and verification, they are someone who:

  • Pays landlords on time
  • Causes few issues
  • Aims for long-term lease renewals
  • Looks after the property.

A great property manager handles all of this, including the important details that ensure compliance with the lease from start to finish.

Shorter vacancy

Skilled property managers ensure your house investment spends little time empty between each lease. As professionals in this area, we conduct rent reviews on a regular basis to make sure that rental agreements are in line with the market. This way, you don’t lose lease opportunities because your prices are too high or low, and tenants are kept happy.

Less Stress

Our experts manage your property to handle all the aspects involved in being a successful landlord: private inspections, tenant queries, professional photography for marketing, rental payments, and more – meaning less stress for you

They are across

A property manager is well-versed with current legislative requirements when dealing with tenants, and we always aim to remain up-to-date with the most crucial aspects. As the industry constantly changes, and there is a lot for a property owner to keep afloat with, we save you time and money by taking on these tasks.

Maximise Your Return

Property owners can increase their return when using property management services by having a team behind them that:

  • Identifies issues quickly
  • Keeps detailed expense records
  • Aims for low repair and maintenance costs
  • Achieves the best possible rental rates.
  • Affordable management fees.

Where We Come In

Never compromise on your property asset management, and never feel obligated to stick with the property management services that initially sold you the property. When deciding on which professionals to hire, Mellick Wealth Management can advise you on this and the following:

1. Understand investor's goals

With us, your property will be well taken care of by a management service that spans across residential properties and tenancy agreements. We genuinely want landlords to grow their investment opportunities. Whether commercial property management or residential, specific knowledge of investments and getting the best overall results for clients to achieve their goals is essential.

2. Consider your must-haves

Our team looks at what you consider a must-have when it comes to a team managing your properties. You know you’re picking the right agency if you respect their management style, fees, service level, and frequency of inspections while ensuring a good rental return.

3. Rely on our network of property managers

One of the most significant assets is our network of industry-specific professionals who can accelerate the management of your investment property.

Mellick Wealth Management have built long-term property management relationships in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane that, in turn, look after founder Mark Mellick’s portfolio, his family and existing clients.

Finally, we have spent time growing a network that provides you, the property owner, with reliable services and results through open communication and a proactive approach.

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