Community Organisations Mellick Wealth Management Supports

Heavily supporting our local community and the organisations within it, Mellick Wealth Management has long-held an interest in helping several clubs and groups across the area. Our most recent contributions can be seen below.

Randwick Junior Cricket Club

Major Sponsor & Vice President

Mark Mellick has been Vice President of The Randwick Junior Cricket Club for over 15 years, with Mellick Wealth Management acting as the major sponsor for that period.

RJCC is in the top three junior cricket clubs in Australia, with over 50 teams across male and female divisions playing all formats of the sport – from IN2 Cricket & Blast for the younger children, to conventional cricket for the older children.

Mark has served many roles within the club, including coaching at junior and representative levels, as well as sitting on the Association Committee for five years.

His main role remains Sponsorship Coordinator, dedicated to raising funds through club sponsors and annual fundraising events.

Mark has raised over $400,000 through his hard work and has enabled the club to keep its players’ fees at a low level. He is also instrumental in setting up and providing Christmas parties, presentation days, BBQs and up-to-date sporting equipment, as well as various other things.

Randwick Petersham Cricket Club

Growing up in Coogee all his life, Mark played cricket for Randwick Cricket Club growing up.

These days, Mellick Wealth Management has remained one of the major sponsors for the last five years.

Mark’s eldest son Joshua Mellick and youngest son Jack Mellick both play cricket for Randwick Petersham Cricket Club.

In 2021, Mark was invited onto the Randwick Petersham Advisory Committee, and in 2022, Mellick Wealth was a major sponsor of Cricket Ireland’s trip to Australia, including the staging of three warm-up games at Coogee Oval prior to the Cricket World Cup T/20 Tournament.

Mellick Wealth is excited about their ongoing support of this great cricket club, and Mark will continue to support it through his sponsorship and volunteer work.

University New South Wales Cricket Club

Mark has been involved in the University New South Wales Cricket Club as a sponsor and volunteer for the last 7 years. In conjunction with this, Mellick Wealth has been a major sponsor for the same period.

Son Joshua started his Grade Career at UNSW, while Mark has been heavily involved as a volunteer. He helps around the club where required and will continue his support of this club for many years to come.

Coogee Wombats Football Club

Mark has been a long-term supporter of the Coogee Wombats Football Club for the last 20 years.

Mellick Wealth Management has also been a major sponsor during this time and has assisted many committee members in their overall wealth management strategies.

Mark will continue to support this club in the years ahead.

Clovelly Junior Rugby League Football Club

Mark has been involved with Clovelly Crocs in various roles for over 15 years.

These roles include sponsorship by Mellick Wealth, and coaching along with sitting on the committee for over five years. Both of Mark’s boys have played for The Clovelly Crocs with his youngest son Jack Mellick in the U15 Roosters Development Squad.

Mark will continue to support the club in the years ahead.

Save Our Sons Foundation

Mark has long been a proud supporter of many charities, including the Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick, Cancer Australia and Save Our Sons for the past three years.

Mark is happy to assist and give back to these wonderful charities that do terrific work, and spread awareness around the support they provide to the local and regional communities.

NSW Fire Brigade

Mark has been a supporter of NSW Fire Brigades for over 10 years and is happy to support the organisation, as well as appreciate their driven dedication to the community. He hopes to help spread the word about the Brigade’s hard work as he continues his contribution to them for years to come.