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Responsive & CompleteReal Estate Services

It’s never too late to get the right financial advice for growing yourreal estate portfolio.

As independent brokers, our team is well-equipped to meet your needs.
Having experienced advocates behind you makes buying or selling property a more seamless process.

It’s not lost on us that Australians love property and the value they get from real estate services. But many don’t have the vital insights into what’s required to invest, manage, or sell a property and get the most from it.

There is much to be considered when dealing with growing your wealth through real estate, which is why we have made it our purpose to deliver the right information to clients to propel them forwards

Comprehensive & Professional Property Investment

What’s it like to have a team behind you that pays attention to detail and delivers exceptional customer service? When you choose Mellick Wealth Management, you will only get the best, most cutting-edge solutions, whether buying, selling, or needing property management. These solutions will be given to you in a transparent and honest way.

We have access to competitive rates from Australia’s top lenders and the knowledge you need to get started in the real estate market or keep growing your investments. You can expect to receive answers to your questions and have the stress-free experience of securing your future through property.

We Know Property Management

When it comes to getting the best value out of your assets, effective partnerships with our team will help you manage these effectively. We know the importance of creating local partnerships to assist with professional property management. Our exceptional service allows you:

  • Get the most out of your rent return
  • Obtain lease-specific insurance for full coverage
  • Ensure routine inspections take place
  • Secure the right tenants.

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Growing Diverse Real Estate Opportunities

With over 2,226,841 property investors in Australia and 57.3% of Australian households’ wealth being in property, you know that investing in real estate creates a future for many interested in building their portfolio.

As supporters of buying and selling homes towards wealth management, you can expect us to help you turn real estate into actionable investment opportunities. As a business, with a strong community network of partners behind us, we:

  • Help client clients buy or sell property
  • Access to a network of industry professionals
  • Modelling a client’s borrowing capacity
  • End to end process of loan approval through to settlement
  • Managing the Key Dates in relation to exchange and settlement
  • Liaising with your legal representative throughout the property transaction

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Secure Your Dream Property With Mellick Wealth Management

Secure Your Dream Property With Mellick Wealth Management As a knowledgeable team in all things real estate services and wealth management, we bring the comparison of mortgages to you for a stress-free experience. Our buyer’s agency services are a great point of contact if you’re looking for properties either for yourself or as an investment.

Using well-developed strategies to help clients achieve their home ownership goals, our staff are regarded for their ability to use our expanding network and professional business experience to get results. We understand properties and how to get the most out of them through:

  • Research
  • Real estate data
  • Understanding of capital growth
  • Being experts in the art of negotiation
  • Knowledge of growth in emerging areas.

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Delivering Efficient Strategies

It’s essential to us that our clients access real estate services that put them first with the idea of building their wealth for a secure and financially sound future. We are recognised in the wealth management industry as a team who know how to lead clients towards sound financial options.

We work on your behalf to liaise with our extensive network, so you don’t have to hunt around for all the experts needed to create a knowledge-backed team.

With data and knowledge about residential properties always on hand, we know your future will be full of real estate opportunities that will help you pass on your wealth to future generations.

It’s easy to get started and have peace of mind by contacting us to make an appointment. You will meet with one of our experts, who will talk to you about real estate services and help you take your first steps towards building wealth through investments.